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Supernatural Season 14 Episode 2 - Gods and Monsters













JACK: I’m researching how long it takes archangel grace to replenish. 

CASTIEL: Well, archangels being exceedingly rare, the data on that is woefully scant. 

JACK: The books say it can take from a month to-

CASTIEL: A century. Yeah. Complicating factor being your human component, which slows the process.  Jack, um...mourning what you’ve lost...it’s wasteful. Might be smarter to focus on what you still have. 

JACK: You don’t understand what I’m going through. 

CASTIEL: Yes, I do - a little. At the time of the Great Fall, when angels were banished from heaven, I lost what I thought was everything. I had no grace, I had no wings. I felt hopeless and useless. 

JACK: What did you have left? 

CASTIEL: Well, uh..well, I had Sam and Dean. But I had something else that was extremely helpful. I had myself. Just the basic me, as, uh...as Dean would say, without all the bells and whistles. You know, Sam and Dean, they weren’t born with their expertise. They’ve been at it since they were children. Failing, winning, developing over the years. Patience, persistence - those are skills too. The past, where you come from, that’s important, but it is not as important as the future and where you’re going




CASTIEL: I’m sorry, that sounds very difficult. 

NICK: Difficult. Yeah, you know what’s difficult? No evidence. There’s no fingerprints, there’s no DNA, I mean how does that even happen? I mean there was a witness who came forward and said they saw someone coming out of the house, and then they said they didn’t see anything at all, and the case died. Like everything else. 

CASTIEL: Nick - you, on the other hand, you’ve been given a second chance. You’re not dead. 

NICK: You don’t understand. 

CASTIEL: Oh, I do. 

NICK: Why, because your body was stolen? 

CASTIEL: Because I am occupying someone else’s. All angels have to, in order to walk the earth. This...this was Jimmy Novak. 

NICK: "Occupy." Sounds like a cleaned-up way of staying "steal." And, uh, Jimmy? Is that his name? He all right with that? 

CASTIEL: Yes, he was. 

NICK: “Was.”

CASTIEL: Jimmy’s dead. 

NICK: Castiel, you’re just a stone cold body snatcher. You’re no different than Lucifer. 

CASTIEL: I...I need to look in on Jack. You know, in all my thousands of years, what happened to Jimmy Novak and his family are my greatest regret



MICHAEL: Is it? Why be the hunt-"ed", when you can be the hunt-"er", hmm? 


CASTIEL: And you didn’t tell them who you were, did you? 

JACK: Of course not. I...wanted to. I wanted to tell them I was their grandson. They thought I actually kinda looked like her? [CAS nods agreement] I..couldn’t tell them that she died. They just love her so much. I know I should have. 

CASTIEL: What you did you did from a place of kindness. I suppose there are worse ways to be human than to be kind. 



JACK: Cas, Michael has to be stopped. 

CASTIEL: I know, and he will be - after Dean is-

JACK: No, Dean doesn’t matter. You’re all so focused on trying to save Dean and I get it, I understand, but - if he can’t be saved, if it comes down to him or Michael - Michael has to be stopped. Caged, or killed-

CASTIEL: And if that means that Dean dies too? 

JACK: Then Dean dies. I know this Michael. I’ve seen what he’s done to an entire world, and so have you. If stopping that from happening here means that Dean has to die, then …. Do you think he’d want it any other way?




DEAN: Sammy. It’s me.

SAM: Dean is it really you?

DEAN: Yeah, it’s really me.

SAM: Are- are you okay?

DEAN: No, I’m not okay!

SAM: But you got Michael to leave.

DEAN: No, I- I don’t .. I didn’t.

BOBBY: What?

DEAN: He just - he just left.

SAM: Why?

DEAN: I don’t know. I don’t know.


SUPERNATURAL XIV 14th シーズン ブルーレイ コンプリート・ボックス(3枚組) [Blu-ray]

SUPERNATURAL XIV 14th シーズン ブルーレイ コンプリート・ボックス(3枚組) [Blu-ray]